Frontier Floors and window coverings releases tips for window treatments

Frontier Floors and window coverings releases tips for window treatments

Window coverings add personal style, color, dimension, texture, and help control interior temperatures and there are choices for every taste; so many choices, in fact, that sorting through them might be somewhat confusing. Frontier Floors and Window Coverings, the Paso Robles business providing blinds and window coverings, recently released some tips to help customers make the best choices for home or business.

What one chooses for window coverings is as personal as clothing styles. Everyone has color preferences. Some favor blinds and shutters with sheer curtains that let the outside into a room. Some lean more towards elegant drapery. Others prefer window treatments that block the sun’s heat and winter’s cold. Regardless of preference, being clear about some basics can help make the right choices.

The basics to consider include:

  • Use of color and texture: Generally speaking, window treatments compliment the primary color scheme, but this doesn’t mean colors have to be neutral or boring. Drapery, curtains, shades, blinds and other window treatments come in a variety of patterns and textures. Layering curtains or drapery over blinds or shades can add dimension to a room.
  • Use of the room: While floor length drapery might be a luxurious touch to a master bedroom, some other style might be more functional for the family room or a child’s bedroom.
  • Maximizing privacy is an important consideration. The wide variety of materials for curtains, shutters, shades, drapery and blinds from Paso Robles’ Frontier Floors and Window Coverings means there are perfect choices providing both beauty and privacy.
  • Temperature control is also an important part of the right window treatment, keeping the heat out in summer and warmth inside during winter. Choosing the right materials and styles can help regulate interior temperatures and reduce heating and cooling costs. It’s important to note the windows on the east and west sides of the building and choose coverings for those windows that can both block the morning and afternoon sun and allow full view of beautiful evening sunsets.

Choosing blinds or shades that can be raised or lowered remotely make controlling interior temperatures and watching the day dawn or sunset much easier. There are also choices of blinds and shades that open from the top down, instead of just from the bottom up, and, some styles can open either way, providing personal control over where and how natural sunlight flows into a room, or the sun’s afternoon glare.

Frontier Floors and Window Coverings has a selection of drapery, curtains, shutters, shades and blinds for Paso Robles and Central Coast customers. The family owned business has been serving the Paso Robles area for over 44 years and is the one-stop-shopping destination for the leading quality and choices of window coverings including shutters, blinds, shades, drapery, curtains, plus carpeting, area rugs and flooring of all kinds. The store features major manufacturers and provides free estimates, design and measuring assistance and installation.

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