Carpet is the most comfortable choice

Contact us if you'd love to set your feet on a comfy, extravagant carpet as you walk around your home. We have an incredible selection of gorgeous carpets at low prices.

Since 1977, Frontier Floor Coverings has maintained the best reputation for customer service and high-quality products to help people transform their home. Call or stop by our showroom today!

Carpet floors are soft and affordable

Carpet is unlike all other types of floors. Its soft, springy texture is a fantastic way to make your house more snug. When you come to our carpet store in Paso Robles, CA, you can choose from a wide array of different tones, intertwines, and designs. If you’re unsure what sort of floors you want for a specific space in your home, our skilled team is available to provide sound guidance.

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Better insulation and energy saving

One of the most attractive characteristics of carpet is the degree of soundproofing it provides. Since the fibers decrease sound, you won't hear every footstep or have your voice resound throughout the house. Alternatively, your space will feel pleasant and more restful. Whenever you install carpet, you don’t just enhance the level of soundproofing in your space, but you will also save money on your electricity bills. Carpet floors are cozy and trap heat, making it less strenuous for your heating to take care of its task.

How to get your carpet

  1. A free estimate - Call us or visit us, and we'll happily explain the materials we have and give you a free quote.
  2. Timeframe and budget - When you’ve picked your ideal carpet, we'll explain the payment options and schedule your installation date.
  3. Carpet installation - Our carpeting crew will appear on the scheduled day and install your gorgeous new floors. We only work with high-quality brands, so you know you’ll be satisfied with the outcome.
  4. Warranty and customer satisfaction - When we’ve installed your carpet, we’ll look to make sure that you’re happy with it all and give you the warranty.
Luxury carpet in Paso Robles, CA from Frontier Floor Coverings

Visit our carpet store in Paso Robles, CA

When it comes to measuring and installing carpets, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. With their exact measuring techniques, our installers will ensure you never have to pay for more than you have to. Our extreme attention to detail extends to all parts of the carpet installation. Frontier Floor Coverings is dedicated to helping our customers have the best flooring experience from start to finish. You're invited to visit our showroom in . We serve Paso Robles,CA, Templeton,CA, Atascadero,CA, Cambria,CA, and Morro Bay, CA. Call today!