Window treatments that help insulate the home, a new report from Paso Robles frontier floors and window coverings

Window treatments that help insulate the home, a new report from Paso Robles frontier floors and window coverings

Summers are hot and winters are cold. Children, senior citizens and people with health conditions need to be able to be comfortable in extreme temperatures. Frontier Floors & Window Coverings, the source for flooring, window coverings, and blinds in Paso Robles, has some recommendations to help insulate the home.

Window treatments add more than beauty to a home, they can help insulate the interior from heat and cold and reduce the home energy bill in the process. More good news is that today’s window treatments come in all types of fabric, styles, colors, and weatherproofing window treatments can be a beautiful addition to any home décor.

One of the first considerations for keeping heat out of the house is to block the sun’s rays from coming through the windows. Likewise, when it’s cold, the sun shining through windows helps warm the house.

Some people choose blackout curtains that they keep open during cooler times but close just before the sun settles into the windows. Blackout curtains are an excellent option for some because they block the sun’s heat in summer as well as cold radiating through the windows in winter. But blocking the sunshine isn’t everyone’s choice.

Fortunately, drapes, curtains, blinds, and even shutters are so versatile now that a room can be bright from the sun, and still keep the heat away. The appropriate window coverings can beautifully diffuse the light entering into a room or create complete privacy. The soft elegance of draperies alone or combined with blinds or shades allows endless design options:

  • Layering provides versatility and is quite stylish. Start with Venetian or vertical blinds that can be opened or closed to several positions, controlling the amount of light entering the room. Hang curtains in front of the blinds and open or close the curtains as needed.
  • Choose curtains or drapes as heavy or light as wanted or needed to do the job. There are hundreds of fabrics and styles to choose from. Custom-made curtains are only one way to go.
  • Other types of blinds layered behind curtains work well also. Choose from Roman shades, and honeycomb cellular blinds. These come in styles that open from the top, bottom, or both top and bottom and some come with remote controls.
  • Shutters come in solid styles, slatted styles, and styles with adjustable slats. They come in full window or partial window sizes.

Frontier Flooring & Window Coverings carries a full range of curtains, drapes, shutters, and blinds in the Paso Robles store. The team is happy to help and recommend window covering styles, materials, fabrics, and design ideas, as well as free estimates, measurement assistance, and installation.

Before making a final decision on window treatments, survey the interiors of all the rooms to determine which windows need heat or cold-blocking treatments and which don’t.

  • East-facing windows get morning sun, which tends to be cooler. West-facing windows get the afternoon sun, which tends to be hotter.
  • North and south-facing windows may still need blocking window treatments but there may be more flexibility in the type of fabric or blinds.
  • Windows that are shaded by trees, shrubbery, or slopes and hillsides may not need heat-blocking treatments at all.
  • Check to find out where cross breezes flow through the house. Opening windows to catch the cross-breezes can be an inexpensive solution to running the air conditioning.

Serving the Central Coast since 1977, Frontier Flooring & Window Coverings is the top local choice for window treatments, curtains, and blinds for Paso Robles. The expert staff can offer energy-saving tips for residential and commercial projects. Visit the showroom and find the following window coverings from leading manufacturers:

  • Shutters
  • Blinds
  • Roman and Cellular shades
  • Silhouettes
  • Luminettes and duettes
  • Drapery, valances, and cornice boxes

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