Blinds and window coverings

Blinds and window coverings

Paso Robles Blinds and Window Coverings

Blinds and other window coverings do more than just block the sun. The right window treatments add subtle layers of lighting, color and texture to living and work spaces, enhancing a mood, warming or cooling a room, and adding a sense of peace, well-being, and even productivity.

Frontier Flooring & Window Coverings can help you choose the perfect window treatments for every room. We represent the leading manufacturers for:

  • Shutters
  • Blinds
  • Roman and Cellular shades
  • Silhouettes
  • Luminettes and duettes

Window coverings showcase the unique architecture of vintage, historical, and custom-designed interiors. They make personal statements and show off special views of gardens and sunsets. Window coverings are as versatile and individual. Chosen carefully they make a world of difference in the enjoyment of home and the productivity of the workplace.

Privacy and protection

Good window coverings make good neighbors. Relax knowing that no one is staring in your windows. Even the best of neighbors don’t want to glance up from their dinner or favorite TV program and accidentally see into your home.

Relax knowing that valuable furniture, art, and heirlooms are protected from damaging UV rays.

Energy efficiency

Window coverings provide insulation. This means the air conditioning and heat systems don’t need to work so hard and this means lower utility bills.

The local expert

Serving Paso Robles since 1977 we are the local source for the perfect window treatments.

  • Free estimates
  • Design and measurement assistance
  • Installation

Visit our showroom. We are glad to see you.

Give dramatic dimension to any room with window coverings from Frontier Floors. Our expert staff can offer energy-saving tips for residential and commercial projects.

The appropriate window coverings can beautifully diffuse the light entering a room or create complete privacy. The soft elegance of draperies alone or combined with blinds or shades allows endless design options.

For energy conservation, Frontier Floors offers the latest innovations in shades, blinds, and fabrics that provide comfort as well as save money.

We feature window coverings from the following manufacturers. You can link to their websites to see their many products, and then visit our showroom to see more.
A window on Paso Robles history

Before the arrival of Spanish explorers, the region was inhabited by the Ohlone and Salinan people and their ancestors. Close upon the heels of the Spanish explorers came the padres and Spanish colonizers. During the Spanish occupation, Spain awarded vast tracts of land that were taken over by Mexico after winning independence from Spain. The Paso de Robles land grant of approximately 26,000 acres was purchased by brothers Daniel and James Blackburn and Lazarus Godchaux on August 1, 1857. A portion became the city of Paso Robles, incorporated in 1889, and the rest remained ranch lands.

The founders put Paso Robles on the map as a resort town built around the health benefits of hot springs. Over time, the larger land grant was sold off to pioneers and land speculators, many who continued to ranch and farm for several generations.

The area continues a ranching and farming tradition, adding vineyards, honey production, farm-to-table farming, lavender and olive farms to scaled-down cattle ranching and fruit orchards. Many of the former vast ranches were subdivided and sold to families who continue those traditions on smaller scales. Today, the region’s growing industries include manufacturing, agriculture, construction and residential and commercial improvement, medical professions, retail, catering and restaurants and wineries, just to name a few.

The emergence of Paso Robles as a world recognized wine production region is fairly recent. The growth of wineries has exploded from a few in the 1920s to more than 200 in the last 20 years.

The GPS coordinates for Paso Robles are 35.6369° N, 120.6545° W.